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         For most of my life, I have been fascinated with hypnotherapy,  the mind,  and what drives human behaviour.

In 2011, I officially started my journey to becoming an expert in this field with my first course in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Since then, I have continued learning and have worked with some of the biggest names in the Hypnotherapy and Coaching space in the world and have delivered more successful results for my clients throughout Lanarkshire,  Falkirk, and throughout the UK than I care to remember.  

I provide my services UK wide, so no matter where you are located in the United Kingdom i can help you.

I truly love the work I do, and I can think of nothing more rewarding than to help someone achieve peace and quiet in their mind, and to live life free of fear, limiting beliefs, habits, and much more.

If you are struggling with something, I want you to know that I am here for you, and because I have had challenges myself, you can be assured that I can relate to what you're experiencing.

I Change Subconscious Programming to Restore Inner Balance

Hypnotherapy Lanarkshire

Free Yourself From Old Programming
In Just A Couple Of Sessions

Living with unwanted, subconscious programming can be debilitating - I know because I have been there.

But with the OkayAgain approach, resolving this can be quicker and easier than you might imagine!

Affordable session fees

In-person or over Zoom video call

Free initial consultation

Listen to what my clients are saying

Hypnotherapy techniques to resolve anxiety and more...

Hypnotherapy has many applications as hypnosis (trance) allows us to amplify therapy and get right to the heart of things such as...


Almost half of the UK population experience some sleeping difficulties.


Phobia can negatively impact your daily life and can stop you living on your terms.

Chronic Pain

Pain that has been present for 6 months or more.  This can be reduced without medication.


Many allergies are worsened and even caused by stress.  Hypnosis can help.


Transformational Coaching can help unlock your inner happiness.


Grinding and clenching teeth can cause damage, expense, and loss of sleep.


Addiction can often be a form of self-medication... remove the cause and the addiction will follow.


With hypnosis, many clients quit after just one session.

Meet Your Coach

Stephen is a natural, empathic therapist, who immediately makes you feel at ease and open to making the changes that will allow you resolve what's troubling you, or to achieve your goals.

Our services

We have a range of therapeutic interventions that can help you achieve your goals or resolve something that may have been holding you back...


... combines therapeutic techniques with hypnosis allowing us to connect directly with the subconscious, effectively amplifying the therapy.

Transformational Coaching

... differs from traditional "performance coaching" in that it elicits transformation in the individual, as well as help hit targets and goals. 

Neurolinguistic Programming

... (NLP) is a game-changing library of techniques that facilitate profound change through subconscious relearning, reframing, and anchoring.

Self-Hypnosis Training

... allows the client to master an empowering skill that can be used to make changes at a deep level whenever and wherever they wish.


... is a powerful combination of hypnotherapy techniques and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) that helps clients to easily and effectively process and ‘file away’ significant past events that may be holding them back.

What my clients are saying

Don't take my word for it, here's some feedback from others...

I couldn’t even get out of my bedroom and leave the house! I’m completely back to normal, if I ever need another session- I wouldn’t hesitate... Just remember when you think there is no way up or out, this man helped me.

Thanks again Stephen

hypnotherpy review 1

Sammy Machin

I had two sessions with Stephen to help with anxiety and i couldn't thank him enough for the changes i've noticed already, he was very understanding and made me feel extremely comfortable. I would highly recommend if your thinking about it

hypnotherpy review 2

Cody Collins

Thank you so much for a really great Zoom session last week, Stephen! You’ve helped me greatly and can’t recommend your professionalism and kindness enough to anyone who may be thinking about booking a therapy session with you. Just do it!

hypnotherpy review 3

Christie Eugeniou

I cannot convey how helpful these sessions have been to me in overcoming a number of challenges. If you are considering hypnotherapy to address a dental related phobia or any other issue Stephen is the best you will find.

hypnotherpy review 4

Carol Harcus

Hypnotherapy that gets results...

When it comes to working with clients, I have a varied toolbox of techniques that allows me to tailor each session to the individual.  This is a key to achieving successful outcomes.

The Discovery Call (FREE)

A 20-minute consultation that will help discover if the you and I are a good fit.  Also, the you'll gains significant insight into the cause.

The First Session

This is where we discuss what to expect in the sessions and to get to work what you want to resolve or achieve.

Following Up

Every session includes a follow up to discover any changes and to discern what the next step will be.

Keeping in Touch

After working with a client, I will keep in touch for as long as is required  so that you feel reassured and supported throughout your journey.

Hypnotherapist Serving Lanarkshire, Falkirk, UK

I welcome all hypnotherapy enquiries, if you have not seen what you are looking for on my website I will still be able to help you. Even though I am based in Lanarkshire and Falkirk, I work with clients throughout the whole of the UK.

To arrange a free consultation anywhere in the United Kingdom call me on 0345 163 2218, or email me at contact@okayagain.com

Hypnotherapy Falkirk

Unlock the power of your mind and experience the amazing results that can be achieved with hypnosis.  Get back to your old self; get back to being okay.

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